Monday, 27 April 2009

We've been having fun

in the studio.

That's it.


Anthony said...

Come on! More information, please. Tell us SOMETHING about the new album. Happy recording!

The Phantom Chef said...
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The Phantom Chef said...

Congratulations on your twat of a boyfriend heckling fleet foxes at the Civic - the band that you opened for - and ruining the evening for everyone unfortunate enough to be within 50 yards of yourselves. I hope you're suitably proud of his behaviour.

mel said...

For the record kind phantom chef, my boyfriend was not at the gig you speak of. The rest of us were halfway back to london at the time you mentioned so maybe double check your facts before you leave comments like the above.

The Phantom Chef said...

Well, Mel, considering you were 10 feet from me on stage and then a woman, who was either you, or your doppelgänger, with cretinous boyfriend in tow, was standing immediately behind me disrupting the show for all concerned. I'm not getting into an argument with you over it, because frankly, neither you, or I can prove it either way. Personally, I know what I saw and heard that night and if you want to spare blushes, that's up to you :-)

Vic said...

Who in their right minds could heckle the Fleet Foxes? They played in Melbourne early this year and were amazing.

What a double!

I only hope we'll see The Clientele in Australia soon too? (hint hint hint)

Let us know!

Drama said...

You really are Mel? That is amazing...
I love The Clientele, I listen to you guys all the time.. You are like one of the best bands I ever listened to.. Amazing..
Thank you for being you. Wow.

mel said...

I blush not.

It was not me.

Why would I heckle my friends??

I had left. (Yes I can prove this, the rest of the clientele were with me)

My boyfriend was at home in London.

Don't do winky faces to hide the fact you're a nasty chef.