Friday, 14 August 2009

Daddy Longlegs

What are they here for? Why do they only live for one day?

Do they have to cram a whole lifetime of living into 24 hours?

Why do they always fly into your face at top speed. Why do they hide in your hair and then when you think they have gone away, fly right back at your forehead at top speed?

What do they eat?

Daddy long legs are to me a mystery


Move To Me said...

one crawled up my wall in front of my face last night while i was reading. (apex hides the hurt) and i actually said out loud, "what's up, bro?" no lie. i'm a doosh. but i quit killing spiders and such a while back. he or she (daddy?) set up shop in between the bed and the wall and i took my miller lite keychain/flashlight that i got from sxsw 2007 and locked him up in the beam and he got busy doing something and then i took the light off of him and went back to reading about a nomenclature consultant with a phantom toe. but i kept wondering what (s)he was up to and if he (she) was gonna crawl into my mouth later on in the night and be as statistic (7 a year is it?). but that was last night. now i'm listening to 'we are all together' on camouflage headphones, commenting estupidly on mel's blog and should sleep because i might go to a temple in malibu a la matin but prolly not and then i have to play rock+roll at 2:40. but really all i want is Love. did you ever find that viola? if i could i would make one for you and twist up my heartstrings on it so you could wail on my heart. please wail on my heart. naw, i don't know you. but wail tho.

mel said...

I did find that viola...I am going to see it very soon....I will post it up once I have it in my possession. I cannot wait!

toolooselatrucks said...

They're not spiders, but they do eat other insects and even less savory dishes that I shouldn't mention because it was in your hair. Generally speaking though I think they're lovers and not fighters. Their overarching purpose I imagine is to scavenge and intrigue. And contrary to what some may believe pulling their legs off is not a way to gain wishes but rather works progressively towards the other spectrum.