Monday, 2 July 2007

Sweden and Norway here we come!

Just 2 more days and we're off to Scandinavia. Apparently we're playing a festival in a hotel basement so after we've finished we can just pop upstairs to bed and have an early night!

We've been pretty busy since coming back from the states, we did a video shoot for the single, I got to be makeup artist for the boys which they obviously loved (have a look at James's radical makeover on our flickr site theclienteleflickr ) Al was probably the least keen to let me apply his blue eyeshadow.

The Yahoo music feature we did is up, sadly 50 cent or 25 pence as we kile to call him didn't manage to make into any of our photos.

Been listening to a lot of Robert Scott recently as we're playing with him in Oz and NZ soon. Everyone apart from me seems to have heard it but I'm loving his music now.


p.s. I have spell checked this as I am dyslexic and did spell genius wrong on my last blog.