Tuesday, 5 August 2008

David Kilgour

The Far From Now.

Such a wonderful album, listening to it makes you feel like you've been lying on a beach with soft waves washing over you.

(without getting sand in your face)!

I don't know much about him except he was in The Clean with Bob Scott. James knows his NZ bands and introduced me to this album.


Move To Me said...

new neil halsted -
'always the good'...

Eponymous said...

Hi Mel. Yup, David's "The Far Now" is a great album. You'd also like the previous one "Frozen orange" which was mostly recorded in Nashville with some of Lambchop so it's also got a really sweet sound to it. There's a recent podcast here: http://kiwibyproxy.wordpress.com/
(scroll down below the Clean one) which has a recent interview with David and features music from his last three solo albums. There's also a Bob Scott podcast too with his songs and an interview. You can stream them from that page above or download them to an ipod on the iTunes podcast link.

Denis said...

you should try to find david's first solo album called HERE COME THE CARS. it's incredible.