Tuesday, 12 February 2008


I love it when you meet someone who offers you a copy of their favourite album. Especially when it is by a band that was playing on people's record players before I was even born.

During a quiet drink in Alexandra Palace last weekend I was asked if I liked XTC, I was obviously shocked at this at first but was soon informed it was in fact a band.

They are absolutely brilliant. Like the beach boys, the beatles and a bit of jeff buckleys voice and all the things I love rolled into one sound. (I can't describe it so well, you'd need to listen, plus I don't like explaining a bands sound by a comparision to others, although sometimes it does help)

It instantly grabbed me.

I was given a copy of Nonsuch, any recommendations on which to listen to next would be greatly appreciated.



Move To Me said...

oranges & lemons... 'king for a day' vocals = bananas.


rad and a little awkward...

Alasdair said...


'skylarking' is a great summer record by xtc

Robert said...

I have a deep affinity for the album Mummer - it has a very homegrown, lush feel to it that is only broken up at the very end. Some beautiful songs on there though, including one of Colin Moulding's absolute best "Wonderland".

mel said...

Brilliant, I will get listening to all of these. I think it's going to be an XTC filled summer this year!

Move To Me said...

Just ran across an old Haircut 100 record I didn't even know I had after the name had been popping up mysteriously here and there (why???) like little psychic suggestions from the sun, and now, shazam!, I'm in Love (+1).

It's called "Pelican West" for reasons I'll probably never know, and on the album cover they're lying on their backs amongst fallen leaves wearing chunky cable-knit sweaters and yellow ties and a touch of Duran Duran in there never hurt anybody so I'm just gonna play it really loud and make blueberry pancakes.

Eric said...

Drums and Wires

paddykins said...

"Vanishing girl" by the Dukes Of Stratosphear XTC alter egos is a beautiful song.

Andy said...

Wow, weird moment when one of your favorite bands is listening to another of your favorite bands, ha.

Nobody has recommended some of my personal favs, so I'll do so here:

Black Sea
English Settlement

But really they're all great. Skylarking is so good you might want to save it for last. I played a cassette of that into the ground a few summers back.

Christopher said...
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Christopher said...

Strong second for Skylarking as not only best, but also seasonally appropriate. Epic of a CD.

Also, highly second XTC's psychadelic alter egos,
The Dukes of The Stratosphere...
Another epic, one of a kind album.

Btw, just heard you for the 1st time, on Somafm.com
Great version of The House Always Wins.
Dig it.
What a great introduction to your sound. I look forward to hearing more.

TY for what u do!

pelao said...

hey guys, how about the first two albums! they are brilliant as well....WHITE MUSIC and GO 2...andy never sang so in-sane-tense...love the keyboard work as well....see you soon at loop´s wild palace of mirth!

Kev The Rev said...

XTC, so excellent! My fave albums are English Settlement, Mummer, and Black Sea.

Amy said...

You have a real treat in store, Mel! XTC are quintessentially English and have a unique feel to them. They've evolved so much over the years and will always be my absolute favourite band. Take all the above recommendations on board - particularly their side project: Dukes.

Their inventiveness, lyrical genius and sheer madness cannot be matched!

And if you're still hungry for more, you can check out Partidge's demos/side project: The Fuzzy Warbles.

Bob said...

"I'd Like That" is one of my favorites. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y51qsYUPSRc