Wednesday, 23 January 2008

The sad story of the lost blue hat

This is a long shot but has anyone seen the pictured hat?

It could well have fallen out of a van I was in around Christmas time, probably somewhere between London and Oxford.

If you see anyone wearing it please do let me know - I am beginning to suspect foul play.

mel x


Move To Me said...

i'm convinced that hats can be charged objects with super powers. recently i gave away a very special red hat to a friend during a night of malbec-fueled camradery and with it went my mojo. it's been a very slow rebuilding process.

but with a span of a mere 89 kilometers to search surely baby blue will turn up. just kidding. abandon all hope. :)

however, one time i prayed really really hard, like x-treme praying, and a chain with a cross that i had lost 2 weeks prior was discovered the morning after my fervent prayers on my girlfriend's parents' driveway when i arrived to pick her up for church. presto.

the key is to pray for peace and relief from the anguish of losing the thing rather than for the regaining of the thing itself.

but you already know that.

ah, cheers, mel. the thief will be apprehended and justice will be served!

Karlyn said...

Looks like a felted wool hat. Find a knitter and have it recreated.