Wednesday, 5 September 2007

New York

We are back! Still a little dazed after the flight as I stupidly took 2 night nurse with one hour left of flying thinking we still had another 4 hours....

We're in the lovely Brooklyn right now, staying with Ladybug's Gary before the first gig with Peter Bjorn & John tomorrow night.

Off alla spiaggia now,

Molti baci, x

1 comment:

nightnurse said...

Mel - cool blog, me like I never read blogs but since your music kills it's funny to read something other than lyrics, tell that to ur mates!

"night nurse" I've been wondering for some years now if it has another meaning than just a nurse working at night.

Could you please tell me what you meant by taking two of them? Valium?

Kind regards from a secret lover.