Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Benicassim and beyond!

What fun we had in Benicassim!

I got stuck in the path of Iggy Pop as he finished his pretty amazing gig and ended up having his wiry and very tanned am around my neck as he walked back to his dressing room. The conversation went something like his....

"Good gig Iggy"
"Hey Baby, what's your name baby?"
"You from England baby?"
"Why yes I am Iggy"
"What you doing here baby?"
"I'm playing tomorrow night"
"what's your band called baby?"
"The Clientele"
He was also surrounded by what seemed 500 photographers at the time, all very confusing for me!

I have to say I was rather surprised at his size as I always thought he was a towering hunk of a man but he is actually very small, well-formed though, orange with very tight size 0 girls hipster jeans on.

We went off to Australia straight after and I ended up having my ticket stolen in Shanghai so nearly got stranded there, luckily James and Mark saved me - now we just have to get the £1000 back from the airline that they owe....

Had great fun playing with Robert Scott, he even let me have a go at some violin on a few songs in his live set. He has the most haunting voice, was a pleasure to get to see him play every night.


M. Pitri said...

How about your Auzzie Show at The Spectrum???

Do you have any pics or the setlist?

Cant find any on the web and i really would looooove to post about it on mi blog.

I just heard The Clientele from since a couple of months ago, but believe me, cant stop listening to "Since K Got Over Me".

Its almost magical!!!

Take Care!

Move To Me said...

Have you heard of SIANspheric, a band out of Toronto? Yummy.

mel said...

m.pitri, I'm sure there are some spectrum pics on flickr?

How great is Robert Scott!?