Wednesday, 6 June 2007

It's my Birthday in New York!

And I can't wait, have been looking forward to playing the BOwery Ballroom all tour.

Got a load of people from Wieden + Kennedy New York office coming ( I used to work in the LOndon one) some friends from London too, and of course the Great Lakes and Ladybug lot will be there. I think there may be some treats in store for the stage that night as Louis Phillipe is in town, Heather our tour manager (also in Elf POwer) may bring along her Cello and I heard there may be a trumpet popping up somewhere...maybe!

Montreal tonight, have loved Canada so far, the Econolodges are a cut above. Bagel time, bye bye x

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Neil said...

Please, please, someone try and get a recording of Gary playing trumpet on Lamplight.

It really is one of rock and roll's finest moments...