Saturday, 12 May 2007

It's Atlanta night

And we're just sitting backstage listening to Beach House for the first time before going on They sound great!

Had a shambolic but enjoyable gg last night at the Map room with The Explorers Club supporting, was loving their 4 part harmonies. Even managed to swindle a free CD out of them!

Got suck in the most hugemongous rainstorm today from Charleston to Atlanta, rain, lightning, dead skunks and everything. Been eating far too many Nachos out here-I don't even like them, the boys had their first waffle house today, I escaped without eating any hashbrowns this time.

Better go write a setlist.....


ATL_Guy said...

Great show last night in the ATL....very much enjoyed your sound! G'luck on tour!

Anonymous said...
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Karlyn said...

Thank you for the wonderful performance in Charleston. It was totally worth the five hour drive. And just so you guys are cognizent of just how honored you should be, this was the first time in 36 years that I actually made an effort to attend a performance (much less drive 5 hours) AND the first time that I bought a concert T or any T with a band's name on it. In other words, you guys are so special that I changed a lifetime of behaviour. I guess that makes me an official fan. If I had followed you to Atlanta, would that have made me a groupie? Happy trails on the rest of your tour.

Auntie Jane said...


So sorry we couldn't make the DC concert this time - Emily was very disappointed. Our schedule was just too hectic that week, but we are sad. We are following the blog avidly and praying that all your travels are safe!
See you in August!

Anonymous said...

met you in London, American grrl
after show at old blue last
hope you remember!
that taxi died at every #@%&ing intersection
it stopped at after your stop!
photographer, intro by rm (sends ya his luv)
see you at doug fir
want some pics?
see ya later?


mel said...

hey hey Portland lady, ricky's friend I think...? If you coul send me an email to my myspace I'll get in touch about Portland. Be great to see you!

mel x